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An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh

Enough is enough, It is time for the people of this nation to rise to the challenge of terrorism. Lets make our voice heard to the people at the helm (Government), against their indolent measures to curb terrorism. It is high time they realize terrorism is an important issue, which the government can no longer give a step motherly treatment. It is true that parties haven’t lost election in India on the issue of terrorism, but its high time it starts happening and we need to make the right noises so those responsible can hear it.

Lets do our bit for all those people who have lost their lives, their loved ones and have suffered unimaginable sorrow and pain.

Please do your bit by expressing your views by writing to the Prime Minister:



By expressing your views to the Prime Minister here:


Or by making your disapproval known to the representatives of your constituency or the state government or the appropriate ministry by sending in your grievance here

Below is the letter I sent to the Prime Minister of India.

Respected Prime Minister,

It is in the context of the trouble created by the serial blasts at Bangalore and Ahmedabad in consecutive days, I write to you with concern and deep sense of hurt. I seriously want to ask you, “How much is enough?” Those 2 dead in Bangalore didn’t wake us up, nor is the 39 dead in Ahmedabad going to (?), so when are we going to wake up? Can we ever do anything more than merely condemning the attacks and calling for peace & calm?

It was great to see your stubborn & unrelenting stand on the nuclear issue because you supposedly saw it was in the best interest of the nation. But can’t you see there are more issues that needs equal resolve and tenacity? We have for long taken this nonsense, not any more please. Can you and your government rise above petty politics of minority appeasement and whims of your coalition partners, and stand for tougher laws against terrorism & Terrorists? India has lost most lives to terrorism but our laws to tackle this menace are as outdated as bell-bottom pants. When are we ever going stop deluding ourselves with politically correct statement like terrorism has no religion? While successive attacks not only in India but around the world have shown that they do have a religion. Setting aside question of whether the interpretation of their religion is right or wrong. Just give it to me straight, how does your government plan to tackle Islamic Terrorism?

In the wake of the Kabul blasts, National Security Adviser M K Narayanan said a few days ago, “The ISI needs to be destroyed. We made this point, whenever we have had a chance, to interlocutors across the world.” But seriously, have we made it a point ourselves? Do we have the resolve to destroy ISI? I seriously doubt it! There is no use in convincing the world of something, unless we are able to convince ourselves. It is not that we didn’t have our chances, we had enough chances. We have had the upper hand against  our deranged neighbor at a number of times in the past. If only your predecessors were as farsighted as you were on the nuclear issue we wouldn’t have had this situation. Well, those are the things of the past, what is your government going to do now? As your own National Security Adviser, said: “The people of this country deserve to know the facts rather than being carried away by people who make statements that these are insinuations. There are no insinuations. I think we need to pay back in the same coin. We are quite clear in our mind,” Doesn’t your government have the resolve of your NSA? When are we going to walk the talk Mr. PM?

There is a talk about modernizing the security forces to enable them to handle terrorism better, but if anything has improved in our security apparatus it is their slothfulness, their apathy. Every time, these blasts occur the most they can do is postulate who could have carried out these attacks and are left high and dry of any actionable leads within a couple of days of the act.

When is this going to change? The Nation deserves an answer.

With Regards,
An patriotic Amm Admi

Please do your bit, so no more innocent lives are not lost.


4 Responses

  1. […] An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh By Chhatrapati Shivaji India has lost most lives to terrorism but our laws to tackle this menace are as outdated as bell-bottom pants. When are we ever going stop deluding ourselves with politically correct statement like terrorism has no religion? … Indian Raksa – Defending Secular India – https://indianraksa.wordpress.com […]

  2. Excellent letter Indian Raksa!!
    Well written, I do hope you’ve sent a copy to the PM.
    When a Hindu makes a comment defending his religion, he’s deemed a fundamentalist. But when a Muslim or Christian does so he’s secular. The issue of Islamic terrorism does not deem that all Islamists are terrorists. That is stereotyping.
    But putting a front on the root cause defines it correctly.
    The problem as you pointed out Mr. Narayan’s statements will not be taken seriously by the PM to take action.
    Singh is Kinng in bollywood only, it seems.

  3. Dirt Digger

    Firstly, thanks for the comment. And yes I have sent it to the PM’s mail id (which I have mentioned in the post).

    I think time has come for this government to go. Not alone this government, but any government which doesn’t address the issue of terrorism in an aggressive manner will have to face the music. The only way our politicians are going to act is if they know they will lose an election because of Terrorism.

  4. I did my part and sent email to PM on 12th september, 2008. Below is my email subject.

    Respected Prime Minister of India,

    Terrorism is a prime example of how to use religion in targeting people like me who respect religion. You can see for yourself upteem examples of how someone else decides my future without my approval. Your secular ideology holds no water for this bastardly act.

    Your were never an idol when it comes to protecting my country. Hope you approve GUJCOCA and show your ,at the least, concern because protecting your country men at all cost is the epitome of patriotism.


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